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The Netball Scotland ‘INTEGRITY: Business Conduct and Ethics Policy’ aims to ensure we work responsibly and ethically to protect and safeguard our business, employees and the ‘Netball Family’.

The ‘Netball Family’ is defined as ‘everyone involved in the sport of netball at all levels of the game including individuals, clubs, local associations and other organisations, regardless of their role, paid or voluntary, or whether they are members of Netball Scotland or not’.

Netball Scotland will:

  • Protect What is Ours

  • Demonstrate Accountability

  • Deal Fairly with Others

  • Care for our Netball Family


Netball Scotland asks the Netball Family to share our united purpose, live by our values, protect each other, and speak up.

Netball Scotland ‘RESPECT: A Process for Managing Complaints’ works in conjunction with the INTEGRITY policy, its respective referenced policies and rules throughout and any others deemed relevant by Netball Scotland.

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